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i too have a phobia of nyctos.

when will be released the full version of this game?

this game is canceled

Well.. finally played the demo to this.. loved it. Got well into it.. i hope we get a full game  if we do. Loved your first one.

Thankyou for playing it!! Yeah of course we will make a full version of it

well, i was the same person who made the comment about the characters breathing 😂 had to give this a play..i may have to do the first one again. Loved both games!

muy buen juego !!! me encanto , quisiera saber mas sobre el juego , y si se puede una segunda parte o algo por el estiloooo :D es eepicooo , te dejo aqui mi gameplay 

Nice game you made here! The limited battery life on the flashlight added a sense of urgency that reminded you how screwed you are when the light fades to nothing. It did take me a while and a few attempts to find everything in the dark, but once the pace picked up again I enjoyed what remained after my frustration. Keep it up!

Glad you enjoyed it! Were making the full version of it soon! Thankyou!

Tried out Nyctophobia BloodLine!

Thankyou for trying it out!!

It's a great game, even though it's short, I liked it very much, I hope the full version will come out, I will follow

Nice game dev, I almost jumped out of my chair. waiting for the full game.

thankyou so much for playing!!!! Appreciate it a lot dude

i really enjoyed this game i was creeped out the hole time i was playing it and cant wait to play full game

Thankyou for trying out my game!!

your welcome keep up the good work

I really enjoyed this! Atmosphere was really good and had me on edge the entire time and the flashlight slowly going out the more the battery went out was a really nice touch! Though i got confused on how to reload the flashlight (my fault i forgot the controls) I really enjoyed this and it was made very well done! If you wanna see my playthrough here it is! 

Thank you for playing!! Appreciate it!

This game scared the crap out of me. Can't wait to play the finished product, Check out my video and let me know what you think.

That's impressive!


Thankyou!! Appreciate it!

Gameplay BR

O primeiro susto me fez cuspir no meu teclado... jogo está tenso, mas por favor conserte a lanterna, para recarregar está horrível, não recarrega com R e no controle não recarrega com nenhum botão e nem abre o inventario...

Thankyou for playing!!!!!

I forgot to come leave a review, I loved this, I loved nyctophobia as well. Pretty much everything you put out is great :) keep up the awesome work. Will absolutely play the full game

Thankyou so much! Appreciate it.

I tried... thats all that matters lol. Jump scare took my soul though. Its the 3rd game btw. 

Thankyou for trying out my game!!!

Oi pode trazer uma versão para Android??

for pc only

Show post...


Thankyou so much for playing it!

any patch planned?

Soon. The next patch will be the Final Version and will published on Steam like the other nyctophobia

Can't wait!

Deleted 262 days ago

Thankyou so much for trying it out!

don't know why, but I couldn't okay this game.

It wouldn't allow me to input any keys. Mouse and keyboard were not working with the game.

I'll try it again when the game is released maybe.

Maybe sir you downloaded the old version. I updated the game file a day ago so maybe you just need to redownload it?

You've nailed it yet again! The atmosphere in this game is so well done, really put me in the mood to get spooked! I love the voice recognition function,  I think I managed to get it to work, but what I heard could have maybe been part of the game's audio already. But if that's the case, the timing of it was perfect LOL. Overall, this was a fun experience! Great work!

Thankyou so much for trying my games again!!!!

Some things seem unfleshed out, like the blinking, the map, and the talking portion. I can't wait to see how this is built upon though, and maybe I can try out some new pickup lines on the ghost in the full release.

Thankyou for playing!!! We will improve the gameplay and features soon in the final version. Thanks!

My only regret is not reading all of your demo features before playing. I should have tried out talking to the ghosts! Sorry about that. Otherwise, it was pretty damn spooky and gave off a great vibe. I am pretty excited for the full release. The only thing I was not a fan of was the blinking mechanic, it was slightly annoying. Overall, this was dope!

Thankyou so much for playing. Hahaha BTW the voice recog was a bit buggy so I will fix it soon and improve it on the final version. thanks!

sounds good! can't wait for the final version!

- This game really got me,  i like it and i hope you finished it and make it more scary :)

If you are interested you can watch my gameplay here

Thankyou so much!!!! I subbed to you

Thank you so much you are my first sub you are really welcome

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playing 9 horror games including this one 

Thankyou for playing

no problem brother 🤩

2 mini heart attacks later and I consider this game a win in my book. Great demo Dev, I'm definitely looking forward to the finished product. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in my reaction.

Thankyou so much!!! I appreciate you so much!

You’re welcome. Thank you!

I subbed btw

Very spooky game. I liked the idea of making you replace batteries. It really adds tension when you are about to run out and be left in the dark. Can't wait to see more of this! 

Yoo thanks for playing my game!!! appreciate it so much. Btw i subbed!

I love how this game is a series and actually has a storyline to it (even though I missed the beginning text XD). At first I wasn't sure if I was actually being chased but it turned out being more of a walking simulator which is totally fine! I think for this demo it works better as a walking simulator but as for the full release I'm hoping to see a mix between the two. All and all, this game was full of spooks and definitely built tension throughout the whole gameplay! Keep it up, can't wait to check out the full game!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Thankyou so much!!! Appreciate it. Don't worry I we will make the full version more scary and better. Btw i subbed!


Thanks for playing!

Pretty cool demo. I don't think I was able to get the voice recognition to work but it would've been pretty sweet to talk to some ghosts haha. Nice job so far. Thanks!


Thankyou so much!! I will fix the voice recognition in the full version. Thankss!


Btw the voice recog was working on you when you say "Show your self" she did show her self HAHAA

it's really good for a demo it scared me as hell and i ran out of light very quick soooooo i started walking with the walls then alt+f4 because i was scared without any light xd 

HAHAHAH thanks for playing! Don't worry I'll add more battery soon

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Ok, while not perfect since it was a demo. It was still scary enough for me to scream to some parts. I thought the voice recognition didn't work at first but how god i was wrong xD
If you want to laugh at me you can find some of my reactions in the bonus of that playthrough toward the end. (There's timestamps)

Anyway keep the good work Keneth. I hope the full game will be even better ^^

That was a great reaction not gonna lie hahaha. Thanks for playing! Btw i subbed

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Thanks for the sub ^^

doy los comandos de voz pero ella no me contesta que tengo que hacer?

You need to repeat it several times


foi top de mais o jogo 

ja vou baixar pra mim grava amanha blz 


Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it was a short but neat demo, although I wish there was a couple more batteries for the flashlight but over all it wasn't too bad, good work :)


New game! very nice

Yeah but still buggy

Deleted 1 year ago

there is bug in setting graphic/controls

critical bug: can't move at start

It is working. Do you have any controller that plugged into your pc or laptop? Because if yes then thats the problem maybe. It auto detect a controller and make it as the default controls rather than the keyboard

No I don't have controller connected

add a option to choose between keyboard and controller please

Same here, No controls work when in the game. And mouse Cursor is unlocked

I will fix it soon


Can't wait for the full version.

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

Installer Does not work for me. Full of errors.

Aww I can send you it you your email. Whats you email sir??

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