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I LOVED THIS GAME! I'll admit that it was super hard for me and I couldn't beat it yet but im going to give it more tries later on but I wanted to show you and thank you for all the work put into this :D 

Enjoyed this great game!

Please subscribe, thanx!

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just uploaded my new vlog on my Youtube Channel bro! Hope y'all support this. Can't wait for the other games!

Thankyou so much boss momo!!!!

What is the song in the title?

I had so many questions lol but fun game!


Great Game! I had to go on easy to beat it lmao

Thakyou so much! Appreciate it!

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Thankyou so much! I appreciate that you try it. Thanks!

This game was really hard... but man, did it have me cowering for about an hour

Thankyou for trying it out!!! I subbed btw

Thanks man!

I actually had a lot of fun playing it on hard mode even tho I couldn't do anything lmao great game :D

btw I'm trying to reach 30 subs so if you enjoyed the video it would mean the world to me for you to consider subscribing to my channel :D

Yoo Thanks for playing my game again!!!! Appreciate it! I already subbed btw


Thanks for playing!




You're welcome!

Made a little lets play video.

This was a fun little game to check out.

Thanks for playing man! Appreciate it. You can check this again in halloween after the halloween update that we are planning to do.

Thanks for making a fun title to play!

I like the atmospheric music to the game the chase downs. I think my only criticisms are the objectives should be longer and clearer. Overall the game is not bad at all. 

WARNING: If you are not Kawhi Leonard, then this video will be funny, scary & lit. 

Yoo thank for playing!!! Don't worry I will update this game

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HAHAHA yeahh thats the rule. Thanks!

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game was pretty decent overall had some fun playing it.

check out my video if you feel like it.

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That was fun! It's a bit goofy but I enjoyed the challenge. I think games like this are a lot more fun when you go into it knowing it's supposed to be difficult. I feel accomplished for being able to beat it lol. Also there was a key that had no purpose? I couldn't pick it up or anything. It was a bit confusing. I had fun though, Thanks for making it!


Thankyou for playingg!!! Btw I just forgot to remove that key but game game is updated and I added a difficulty mode.

Will it work on AMD RYZEN 3 3200G with 8Gb ram and Radeon Vega 8 graphics card with 3.6Ghz speed?


yeahh 100%

Great game! ✌✌✌✌

Thankyou for playing!!!!


This game was fun to do commentary on, those enemies are relentless, beat it on medium. Check out my gameplay.

Thankyou for playing!!!! Appreciate it a lot! Wait for the NIGHTMARE difficulty. It harder than Hard. Better try it soon 

Another great game!! Took a bit of trial and error to figure out what to do, but that actually made the game more fun! I only played through Easy mode, but it still managed to provide an intense experience! Great work!

Could you guys confirm if this is the world record speedrun for the game?, it took me a lot of time to get this

YOOOOOOO This is it!!!! No one ever finish this within 3 mins. Congrats Bruh!!!! I will also add a Speedrun timer in the next update

So i see you use a glitch technique there huh HAHAHAAHHA Nice one!

This game was surprisingly challenging! From the start when I had the ability to change the difficulty, I knew that this game was steps ahead of other indie horror games in the state of replay-ability. Although I also noticed that the items were not randomized. I think if you would've made the items have random spawns, than it would take that replay factor to another level! The story wasn't very engaging, but to be fair I didn't explore the whole map so maybe it got better! This is my constructive criticism and I mean no ill intent! Keep up the good work!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Now do a speedrun

Thankyou for playing!!! Appreciate it. Yeah I will update this game soon and make it a lot better. I will try also the random spawn of the keys + add a story line and lore

Triple Hell | What The Freak Is Going On? (+Download)

Thanks for playing my game again!!

no problem buddy 

Very entertaining! I took me like 5 deaths to actually start finding what I needed to escape. Nicely done!


Thank you so much!!!!

This would have to be one of the most tense games I have played. You warned us and you were right. That thing is really hard to avoid and if he sees you... thats it. The difficulty did a good job at keeping me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to see what you add to this next. 

Thankyou so much!!! I will update this and make this better soon. Thanks!

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MAAAN, I'm so proud! I'm a Filipino myself and bro, please keep updating the game. I can't stop giggling whenever I heard the Filipino dub. It's just amazing to play a Pinoy horror game, 'cause I don't see this very often. In fact, this is the first time that I played a Pinoy horror game on pc. Shame I couldn't finish the game but still, this is amazing! 

p.s The game is hard even on easy mode but I still enjoyed it!

p.p.s Where does the crowbar comes into place? I still want to finish this game, Damn it! lol

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Yoooo. Thankyou for trying it out kababayan! Yeah i will continue to update this game until it comes near outlast quality. hahahaha I'll a lot more features and mechanics soon in the full version

I had to laugh at myself with this one because it taught me one thing: READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOWNLOADING. You gave sufficient warning that this game would be difficult, and all I could do while playing was bang my head against the wall trying to figure out why this game was so infuriatingly hard. Once I returned to the game page, my rage instantly dispelled and I laughed and laughed at myself. Criticisms turned, quite quickly, to praises. I think you captured a good balance of a rage game: something that is pretty difficult in nature, but gives that player the sense that, even if it takes 1000 deaths, it can be done. The more I played, the easier it was to get the bathroom key and the bolt cutters, but it was about as far as I could manage with the limited patience I had for dying over and over again. But already, I’m thinking I might give this another crack down the line, because my brain is still unwilling to yield to defeat! My only actual piece of constructive feedback would be that several times, a notice would pop up (Press “E” to interact and “Use Bolt cutters”) that I’m not sure was supposed to. When I “used” the bolt cutters, I had no clue as to what I had used them on, so I think it might be a bug (or I’m just horrifically unobservant, which has been known to happen). Thanks for your hard work!

Yoo I really appreciate you playing it over and over again HAHAH don't worry I will do some updates soon and make this game even better! Thankyou so much!!!!

Btw i subbed

Also I updated the game and added difficulty choices. 

The "use bolt cutter" is a bug to be fix sooo

Thank you so much for the sub! And for the confirmation that I wasn't crazy about the "use bolt cutter" incident! Looking forward to your future projects!

It's somewhat good, but that map is frustrating a bit. Overall, not bad. 

Thankyou for the feedback!!!

Definitely a hard one as described. Took me some time to figure out what I was looking for, even on easy. Loved the scenery and gameplay, Just wished there were more interactions even just for lore or humor, like a toilet flushing ;)

Thought you did a good job on this! 


Thankyou so much! Don't worry I will update this game constantly 

looking forward to it!

I had a lot more fun with this game then i thought i would! Really fun and short but not too challenging. Check out my video below and subscribe if you enjoy! 

what is this?

Bug. And i will fix it soon

Hi!! i'm Thailand gamer,your game is great!! i'm have fun with it but this is hard a bit,enemy run too fast.I upload my video on my channel at youtube!! you can check it 

(sorry for my english XD)

Hello. Thanks for playing! I will fix all of the issue soon! Thanks!

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bug: wall is not blocked

will fix all soon

Deleted 1 year ago

Where? What happened?

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Oww ok ok. Thanks for letting me know. I will Fix it right now

adding option would be nice

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The game is bit hard. There are two enemy I think 1 enemy would be nice and enemy speed is pretty fast and can't pick up one of the key

I will add a difficulty settings soon


The game is really average. No interactions and constant seeking is somewhat blunt. But, not bad.


HAHA but don't worry I will update and add more features and mechanics soon. I only developed this in just 1 week so yeah.

Lol, constructive criticism and you downvote me. That's pathetic, like your game. Good Luck next time. 


What? I mean thankyou for your playing. I don't downvote you. I mean I will update this soon and appreciate your feedback


AI is a bit.. unfair? :)


Yeah and that's the challenge HEHEHE This is a Rage game so yeah.

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