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1st Game, maybe too late here but at least its good scare

That was unexpected jumpscare, that got me

the game was so good keep that up man 

A nice, atmospheric entry into the horror genre with some good spooks!

I'm a bit late but I loved this game and the atmosphere the creator created!

Sooo creepy!!! I really recommend playing this game! Can't wait for more games from the devs! <3 


So scary, creepy and unnerving. I absolutely loved this game when I played it. 100/10 can't wait to play more of your games. 

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atmosphere was creepy as hell and the monsters definitely will give me nightmares for a few days!

ps: hoping your grandmother gets well, will be playing all your games and hoping more people will buy and play

I hope your grandmother gets better.

That chase scene took me a few tries, overall really great game!


Start: 15:35

great chase scene and good atmosphere

once you play one of Solitary Studios Games you have to play them all.

Definitely one of the scariest games on here, the execution of the jump scare was placed phenomenal. The panic from getting chased was amazing, overall this game was a solid 9/10. Super excited to see more from SolitaryStudios! (Part of my 3 scary games)

Really freaked me out, it's the 2nd game in this. fantastic!

spooky got a nice scream out of my friend around 5 minutes in



Under was a very scary game. Great atmosphere, lighting, and sounds. The last bit before the ending was pretty tense.

Uno de los mejores juegos cortos de terror que he jugado. Excelente trabajo Dev!

This was interesting, the atmosphere was great and the creature was pretty damn creepy. Wish we got to run from it actually instead of the walk but besides that it was dope! 

3 Horror Games I Ran In This Vid And Each Of Them Was A Banger!!! Under Was A Good A$$ Game And Had Me Scared Ash Runnin Away From His Ugly A$$ Had Me Panicking. 

BRUH i used the same creature "thing" in my game

Deleted 1 year ago

i wanted to play so bad  i hugged the the walls and fell thru twice il come back when its fixed


Hey, that was an amazing game. Very good jumpscares and atmosphere. More encounters with the monsters could be included, but for the time that the game was done in - very good! Solid 7/10


I will be live in 10 minutes at 5:00pm CST playing your game, as well as two others!

(Since this is a livestream, I can't say anything about the game yet, but I will send another comment about it after the stream is over!)

Looking forward to playing your creation!


nice game.


Frickin knew it man that jumpscare >:( 


This game had a good jump scare and was quite terrifying being chased by this alien looking thing 

Мурашек нагнало, хоть  сделано и топорно

Played this a few months ago and never got around to posting this here. Running around an underground WW2 bunker while these things chased you around was certainly something. Happy to have checked this out :)

UNDER is a tough sell. I think it does the monster reveal well but there's no real build up to it. You're not going to be given the chance to feel fear because it doesn't give you the time to build it. Some of the audio isn't positional so you can tell it's not a real object behind you. 

Lots of tiny mistakes but the cool ideas add up to a decent game. It's worth playing.

Loved this game! Super creepy! The atmosphere was great, and the monsters were terrifying. Keep up the good work!

2nd game in this video that I played!


its dark... its creepy... WTF IS THAT?! Great game!


A-a-a-a-a-awesome game bro


Really enjoy playing your games- Lucas, RonRon (both on my channel) and Under! Will definitely try the others! Unique story and the jump scares were really effective.


This was a great game; I do apologize for saying it was a demo. Gave me a lot of scares, my son even jumpscared me while playing lol

Good scare! Thanks.

What a great game

My heart was not ready lol. Great game DEV!

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