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2nd Game

Hmm tbh I dont get it, The horrors of not getting your video uploaded to Youtube?

Neat lil game more funny then scary to me! That jumpscare still got me tho. 

I played this game before and I saw my mother's company, Gwyshop in there. Sad to see it removed when I watched ManlyBadassHero play it though :( It was a nice thing to add anyway, thanks for shopping at Gwyshop :)

Great atmospheric game! Wasn't very scary though in my opinion. 


starts: 6:43

A day in the life.. ->

Really good!

Pequeno, jogo de terror com uma historia confusa e não muito explicativa oque e o charme desse jogo; com graficos simples, mas não horríveis e uma jogabilidade normal.



Loved It!

My playtrough of your game

Nice easy game, might have fallen asleep in the corner, because I put myself on timeout without even trying. I'm such an angel! This game hits you when you least expect it, and it's fantastic!

Tres sympa mais trop court 

nice game.

It was a nice little game, took me quite a bit to sit down at the computer again to trigger the scare.

no jumpscare?


ROGDAGOD plays "UPLOADED". (watch before playing)

Okay, talvez eu não esperasse me assustar 2 vezes no mesmo lugar kkkkkk

I will quit YouTube if this happens...

Exactly what happens when I upload a video.

(3rd game I play)

Love the Huggy Wuggy Cameo and the alternate ending! I bet hes still sleeping to this very day... 

Echt toll geworden.Schade das es so kurz ist Vielen danke,für dieses tolle Erlebniss

how do i download it i forgot lol


Played this last night. Liked it a lot. I think it should have had more creepy things like maybe the door cracking then shutting or maybe the window blinds moving a bit. But I'm not a game maker so it prob wouldn't make sense from a creators pov.. Haha. I liked the game a lot overall though!(game 3 in video)

the jumpscare got me.Btw how much money paylstation to you guys XD

very scary! did pooped!

Okay the statue thing needs to go to hell! Good game i enjoyed it despite how short it was!

I hope you like it. :D

This game was funny but creepy at the same time

it spooked me somehow? though i dont really understand it too much. 3rd game, posted here a day early.

Stunning. Amazing. Game of the year.

I shat myself playing this game...
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Youtube channel simulator.

I genuinely enjoyed my experience! Also, nice graphics! 
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My girlfriend checked this out-- first game of the video. :3

(Edit: she ran into a glitch after the monster spawns in)

My Gameplay of UPLOADED With Commentary

YT Video:

#Uploaded #ShortHorrorGames #ShortScaryGames

I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting more. I just got 2 different endings, probably there are more but I wasn't able to get it. (Pt-BR)

Very scary game


Loved the "nice" ending ;)

Played this for a short YT video and enjoyed it! The little scares actually got me pretty good and the ending was great lol
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