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Fellow Filipino here! I was very slow on the puzzles haha, some of the spooks got me. I really hope your grandmother gets well!

Wonderful game , got me really good. Hope your grandmother gets well.

Creepy game with good puzzles. Keep up the great work! 

A fun short game. Looking forward to a full release if the dev plans one but a game you should check out and help support. 

An excellent short puzzle game

Great game!!

Great, we need to continue )

Comments below clip:

I loved the feeling of this foreboding atmosphere, that lingers through every nook and cranny of this home. The puzzles? Neatly meted out, but solvable. Well done and a big thumbs up!

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hopefully she'll recover soon. Wish her all the best on my behalf [I was tempted to say the gaming community, but I can only speak for myself, of course].

Had fun playing this kinda puzzle escape room horror type of game so thanks for making it. I included it in my 4 scary games video! Best of luck to you!


I'm glad I was able to play the game early while it was free! All I can say is that this game is amazing, I love the puzzles with how they're fun to solve and not too hard!

CLEVER STUFF... Best wishes to you and your family 

Thank you so much!!!

hi lembra de mi

This was a really good game did not expect that jumpscare really got me good keep up the good work and i hope you enjoy the gameplay

Thank you so much for playing man! You really good at those puzzle huh

your welcome and usually im very bad at the puzzles lol

A fun puzzle game! The jumpscare really got me good. I didn't expect it 😪

Thank you for playing!

Fun little horror game, it definitely got a jump or two out of me.


Thank you so much!

BTW That's a big brain there

thanks, I'm quite proud of it, I can even read at a 4th grade level so yeah pretty smart lol

Man, I'm sorry about your grandma. I hope he recovers soon, my prayers are with you. You're great at the game, it's a successful game.

Thank you so much man for the concern and prayer.

This was really good! Puzzles were easy and straightforward and it was quite spooky. A bit too dark though, could barely see at times. Apart from that not bad. Made a video on it.

Also, hope your grandma get's better soon. That is definitely scary but hopefully it's not breast cancer. All my prayers go out to your grandma.

Thankyou so much man!

I liked the puzzles! I hope your grandmother gets better.

Thank you for playing as usual man!!!

Working as a developer in a small studio, I understand the lack of funding. 

i wish your grandmother good health through her quick surgery.

I'll contribute a little bit in the hopes that it will help your grandmother's health.

Thankyou so much man!!!