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This game was originally free to play, but now I have an urgent emergency that could change my life. We found lumps or cysts in my grandmother's breast and she needs an urgent operation as soon as possible. It's a life-and-death situation, and my grandmother is the one who took care of and raised us. She's the reason I got into game development. I want her to see me become a successful developer, but I'm really afraid of what could happen at any moment. The problem is we don't have enough money. We can't rely on the games we publish because we only receive a salary every 5-8 months. Making games is expensive, and during those 8 months, we receive no income and rely on donations to keep our small studio running. In short, we need an urgent fund for my grandmother's operation. Once I collect enough funds to start her operation, I will make all of our free games free again. But if you're really eager to play one of our games and don't want to spend any money, feel free to DM our page or email me and I'll send you a free copy. I really apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

 a short horror experience that revolves around the story of a man named Lucas, who is driven by his pride and desire for fame to seek out a legendary house that has eluded everyone who has tried to find it. Will he succeed in his quest to prove to the world that he has found the impossible-to-find house, or will he meet his demise at the hands of the demons that lie in wait? Only time will tell as Lucas embarks on a treacherous journey fraught with danger and uncertainty.

NOTE: This is just a demo so expect some bugs, glitches, and optimization issues. Thanks!

We accept donations! This game is 100% Free and developing games is expensive. This will help us with funding while continuing to develop the game. Some of the donations will go through my grandma's operation for her breast cyst. Thank you!

Specs Required:


CPURyzen 3 2200g

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolitaryStudios
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolitaryGames
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SolitaryStudiosOfficial

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

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Left Behind Demo


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You need to make a full version. Great game! Hope your grandmother gets better. 


This game most def got me plenty of times lol & but i did enjoy playing this the graphics for this game was really good as well!

I hope all the best in there! I tried your game and I liked it! I can't wait the full game to be released!

I hope everything is ok over your way!  Had a lot of fun with Left Behind.  It looks so damn good. 

What is this free floating flashlight mechanic called?

I dunno man I just called it dynamic flashligh

In my opinion the environment was the scariest part, as well as the flashlight mechanics, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested! game starts at 13:20)

Thanks for playing man!

Sorry to hear about your Grandma, wishing her the best of luck!

This was an amazing game! The graphics were AMAZING! Please check out my gameplay :D

Thank you so much mann!

My step-dad has cancer with only 1 year left to live. Hope they caught it early

Hoping also

Can't wait for the full game :)

My full playthrough is below but this is my YouTube shorts version, if you prefer! What a demo!!

thanks for playing!

No problem!  I hope you enjoyed my video, I seriously can't wait for the full release!!

Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓

thanks for playing!

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother, I hope you can get her what she needs. This game is absolutely brilliant, stunning graphics and audio made it very creepy indeed. I'm definitely paying for the full game. Here is my gameplay

Hello! I'm a pupil from China. My parents didn't allowed me to buy games. But I really hope your grandmother would Able to recover!

Thank you so much for your concern! Appreciate it so much

Hey man, I was looking at future IO games I was gonna play and this game was on the list. I just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear about what's going on with your grandmother. I was gonna record this demo for a future video because it looked really good but I just decided to write this comment instead because it's more important to say this. Anyways man, I hope she recovers and gets better soon and good luck with future games and such. I send my love to you and the rest of your family. - boygump

Thank you so much man. Appreciate your concern. Take care!

this one was damn good! Such an honest surprise. Hope this gets extended soon! 

First of all: I really hope your grandma recovers! You're an amazing grandchild for trying to support her with your game! It's not much, but I bought your game with what I could.


You have some stuff to improve. The graphics are awesome, but graphics alone don't make a game. I made a better "review" of what I mean by the end of the video. 

Other than that, you're going on a good direction here! The jumpscare got me good, and this game has a lot of potential. I really hope your grandma gets better, and gets to see the full game you'll make when it comes out =)

All I can ask is is your grandmother OK?

I will buy a part of this game and donate some money also.

Hello. She need to undergo a biopsy and once done she need to start the operation. After the operation she need to undergo chemotheraphy. Right now she is fine and hoping to still be fine in the future




This game most def got me plenty of times lol & but i did enjoy playing this the graphics for this game was really good as well!

Thankyou so much!!

The graphics of this game were incredible, it was absolutely terrifying and the jump scares were horrific. Really looking forward to the full game


Thankyou so much man!!


keep up the great work looking forward to more 


This game looks great for being a small indie game. The walking needs to be made a little faster or at least add a run to the shift button. Some voice overs for the character would be nice as well. Also the character at the end needs to be cleaned up a little but other than that the game was alright. It definitely scared me at the end.

Hello Thankyou so much!!

The full game gonna be fire i can tell 

Thankyou so much for playing!!

Deleted 20 days ago

Thankyou so much man!!

Deleted 15 days ago

Thankyou so much for the feedback!!


Thanks for playing!!!

No worries at all! IT was awesome!

This Game was amazing it scared me so much if this game is going to be a full game then i will play it for sure and thanks for making this short game.

Thankyou so much for playing!!

There's Demons In these "Not So Abandoned", Abandoned Woods... They're coming from Every...Single.... Direction.... So Put on your Brown Pants and Click Play.

#gaming #gamingcommunity #horrorgames #scary #scarygames #scarygame #horrorgame #leftbehind #buzbygaming #indiehorror #indiegames

Thankyou so much for playing man!!

It's a great little demo. The only thing Is I'd like it if you could explore the woods a bit more maybe find a few spooky things out in the woods. and If you could enter the house... and The house it would be cool if it shifted and we weirdly bigger on the inside then on the outside. I don't know it's a great idea that is like a perfect template to add on to. 

Hope you can finish the game. It's really good.

Yeahh i will work hard to finish this. Thankyou so much!!

This was a spooky good time! I look forward to the full game! 


Thankyou so much!!

You're welcome!!

The motion blur was a bit overwhelming, but this could also be my poor quality computer. Regardless, this was unnerving and BEAUTIFUL!! It's so real looking, my friend and I couldn't stop staring!

Thankyou so much for the feedback!!

beautiful little demo, tried to get some nice shots of the areas too and made a little review as a fellow gamedev/artist<3

sending lots of love and healing to your grandmother!

Thankyou so much man!! Appreciate it

I'm currently struggling with home insecurity so I couldn't give more, but I hope even a little helps. Wishing you and your family the best

Thankyou so much!!

This felt and looked like a great game! It really was super scary because of the environment and the darkness. It also looked great! 

The only downside I would say is the lack of direction that game has. As  the player sleeps down a path and there are two paths that go down that path.. But none of them are the direction to go? And then if one go back, there is another path that the player can't go through. It gets a bit frustrating as this is never told to the player and the darkness makes it hard to navigate, though the darkness is scary!

That being said, it was well done, especially towards the end where it was spooky! Was fun playing.

Also hope your grandmother gets better, wishing her the best. Take care of yourselves too and good luck with everything! 

Thankyou so much for the feedback!! Appreciate it man

played this with my girlfriend, genuinely haven’t jumped that much at a game before, great work!

Thankyou so much!!

This Game was amazing it scared me so much if this game is going to be a full game then i will play it for sure and thanks for making this short game.

Thankyou so much!!

Great atmosphere. Found it a bit frustrating trying to figure out which way to go. Missed opportunity with the bridge. I usually prefer more jump scares, but you still got me good.  First game in my gameplay.

Thankyou so much for playingg!!

This was a fantastic and creepy demo! The atmosphere and sounds made me feel like I was actually in the forest. Graphically, the game looks amazing. Definitely made me feel a sense of dread while walking through the forest. Great Job! Also, hope your grandmother is doing better. Keep up the great work! 


Thankyou so much for playing mann!!

love this game the ending got me really good lol

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