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Weird but cool short game, you made it in 24 hours, yeah. Well it is very polish to so short time, congratulations. The video is last one but deserve de front card.

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Had this on my computer for a while and when I read the description recently I had to play it. Hope everything works out ok for your grandmother.

they see me rollin' 

I like your short horror game man ! : ) 

I've played a few of your games, Lucas & Under, and I love your work! Ron Ron has a very unique concept and a terrifying monster. Game #3

I really like the mobile idea, Pretty fun!

As someone who has been confined to a wheelchair before (a few years as a teenager), this made me extra uncomfortable. Kudos to the developer for the idea and the delivery!


Being stuck in a wheelchair while being chased by zombie-creature things is no fun!

It`s very good.

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Comments below clip;

You guys are truly wicked. That's the best compliment I can give you!

Great game, sadly short

Short but not bad for being a little concept. Would be cool to see the phone mechanic implemented in a fully-fledged game. Like how at first you can only see the monster via the phone camera. Made a video on it.


Ayos to mga pri!

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Best Game Ever Played. Great atmosphere used in this game. I will appreciate your kindness by click on  subscribe button with bell icon. ❤

Твои проекты часто радуют)

This was a really good concept for a horror game. Being  chased in a wheelchair made it 10 times scarier to me.  The noises also, soo terrible ! Great little game!  Your game is the first and starts at 00:20  

This was the first game in this video! Enjoyed it!

really good game really liked the idea of being in a wheel chair and loved it 10/10

I was sooo frickin optimistic in the beginning hahaha but you quickly took that away from me, didn't ya dev? I've never experienced playing in a wheelchair when it comes to indie games, only AAA games, more or less. So that was a nice touch compared to other indie horrors. But don't ask me why I had to just stop and stare off into the darkness haha just don't!

Great Work!

loved this game loved the factor you had to used the phone at fist to see the monster but the ending cracked me up loved it 10/10

Definitely a unique idea and the fact that you could only see them from your phone was a nice touch!! (This is the first game on the video)

This was a great short game. It was really good... also was it just me or did the monster look like a

I really loved the simple concept of this game! It's very straight forward and very fun! I think this could also be expanded upon! Great job! 

not gonna lie these jump scares are RUTHLESS

I understand this was made in just 24 hours, but I really wish there was more to do. That said, it was a pretty decent short horror experience with an original concept. Well done, dev.

Man Solitary Studios, I just flat out love your games keep up the great work and look forward to more gems in the future

To everyone reading this, there's 2 games in this video : RonRon and LUCAS Basement Demo, both games are from SolitaryStudios. If you're interested in just the LUCAS game it starts at around the 5 min mark






Played this earlier today and enjoyed it! I would like to see this concept in a longer game for sure!

Intersting and creepy short game. Great work! 

IDEK HOW this game got me but it did. GREAT GAME MANE

nice work =)

dude, as always love your games! it was really well made and made me chuckle a couple times. the game looked really good and played well. your a great dev and i hope the best for your career. as for the regular viewer it s a pro edited and is only 2 minutes long. its a reaction compilation so please enjoy. i upload daily

Well, the game is unplayable,  because it runs like garbage in 5 fps, while I don't fault you, since you only did this game in 24 so optimizing wasn't a high priority...

it was fine for me

A good gaming experience, short, but efficient, the scare is very good...

Loved the ending and the premise of this horror game. Short and spooky and gave me a good laugh at the end as well. Thank you for making this! Would be cool to see this idea for gameplay expanded! 


The last one is fun
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Your humor and mine are right in line with each other.  Thanks for a fun experience!  Cheers!  (Your game starts at the 9:00 mark.)

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